EGStructures is a local based engineering consultancy established in 2012 to allow a small group of civil engineers to develop their design and survey skills while providing a low cost service to the local area.  The company works mostly in the Northern Kent and Nottingham district areas and has a base of 19 years construction experience to under pin its work ethic.

Our consultants specialise in modern and historical projects, aiming to conduct all structural principle changes with SPAB and IHBC methodology in mind, as part of any historical conservation project; helping you create a structure fitting for you and the modern world while retaining its timeless charm and beauty.


The company is truly independant of any lending institutions and corporations, with no direct partnerships with any construction organisations, allowing EGStructures to use any profits to develop its members core skills to provide a viable career for their future; this is the main directing force behind the company.


EGStructures members come of a range of skill sets including Structural Engineers, Project Managers, Design Managers and experienced Building Surveyors, with links to APM, RICS, CIOB, CIAT, SPAB and IHBC.

Office Locations:

Gillingham, Kent

Chilwell, Nottingham