Consultancy Services

EGStructures has vast experience of providing engineering and design consultancy solutions in multiple markets within the Construction Industry. Our broad expertise enables us to respond to our clients specific and technically demanding requirements, while offering an extremely effective service.


Our consultants have worked extensively nationally as well as across many territories globally.  We are fully familiar with the need to adapt to local demands; in particular we have assisted our clients to meet their design and planning needs on MOD Infrastructure projects world wide.


In an increasingly competitive environment we are acutely aware of competitive pressures and insure that our designs are not only physically possible but, as important, commercially viable too.


We aim to create all our designs with a sustainable future in mind reducing running and maintenance costs, while providing a better global future for tomorrow.

Historical conservation is becoming a growing area of interested and concern in the modern UK climate.  Here at EGStructures we believe the retention of our historical past is critical in modern construction; our experienced personnel can lead you step by step through the pitfalls of building control while retaining the original historical architecture.


We can plan and manage all aspects of your project to deliver a creative design that meets all your objectives safely, to budget and within specified time frames at all times. We achieve this by working closely with our clients and using our expertise to transform a shared vision into their reality.


All consultancy projects are priced based on the projects requirements, to prevent over charging.

Consultancy Services Provide by EGStructures

  • Feasibility studies
  • Desktop surveys
  • Composite drawing
  • Engineering structural calculations
  • Historical profiles
  • Architectural advice and guidance
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Site inspections
  • Quality assurance