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At EGStructures we have tried to price our work to what our clients really require, not just standard prices but for a guide only, below is a out line breakdown.

Surveys and reports


All our reports are priced on the our clients requirement, a general breakdown is outlined below as a guide but is in no way final.


Structural Engineering Report £250 - 1500 depending on size and element of property/unit.  These reports are designed to give you a detailed description of the building defect, with a description of recommended materials and approach.  

All other inserts are valued on content and use.

Design Projects


All design projects are priced on consultation, below is a general guide to prices.


Small projects not requiring planning permission can be valued as low as £750, depending on design. Large projects with traditional construction can vary and are decided on consultation. 

Non-traditional methods require more design time and will in-turn cost more, (but this could be saved within the construction phase).  As a guide large extensions start at around £ 1,500.

All other project work is subject to consultation.

Consultancy Services


All consultancy services are based on project size and clients requirement, with level of involvement.

Very small projects of interest may be conducted for free (at members discretion).

Engineering structural calculations vary on size and use of the project; on average a small structural I-beam (2-3 metres in length) will cost approximately £250 per beam including a site visit and seating/fixing recommendations. 


"Thanks EGS, quick, detailed and at a good price "   - R Jones Gillingham Kent.


"A pleasure to do business with, feel free to come see the end result"    - J Simmonds Walmer, Kent.