Surveys and Reports

EGStructures aims to provide our clients with the correct required service to meet their needs; to enable us to provide this we always prefer to contact our clients in person, over the telephone or virtually to confirm their true requirements.  

The Condition Report (formerly known as a Building Survey)


This report is the closest you can get to a full Structural Survey without breaking the bank.  This report looks at all aspects of the property from top to bottom, inside and out with if possible intrusive inspections to gain a true description of the state of the property, with informative detail.  Our reports are directed to the client’s requirements to reduce overall costs, but all reports will contain a minimum of the following:


•A full list of identified issues within the inspected structure.

•A breakdown of potential future problems within the identified structure.

•Possible options to deal with highlighted issues.

•A outline breakdown of material and labour costs.

•A list of any further inspections recommended by the surveyor.


We also offer a number of inserts into the report if required:


•Future inspection and maintance schedule.

•As is drawings (based on inspection and access).

•In-depth option study on future uses.


On completion, this report should give you a firm understanding of the property condition and future standing.

Future Services

With the constant advancement of our members, we hope to be able to produce the following services in the future:


  • Environmental surveys
  • Structural digital analysis report
  • Sustainability reports
  • Carbon reporting (Road map 2025)